“Bull” as knife “fire” as the fish, Bulls 10 to 0 to play silly rocket at climax

Rockets away to the Bulls, Rockets 53 to 48 lead the first half.

Third quarter before the Rockets lost all three shots, the only bright spot is that Scola caused by Gibson’s offensive foul. Bulls start the second half, tipped in a row 2 times succeeded, rocket to the preganglionic Scola’s jumper three minutes alone to get two points, only the first 8 shots into a ball, thanks to their good defense, the Bulls are still pursuing those who play Role

Murray threw two-thirds, Hinrich complete steals, Gibson created a sub-foul free throws, Murray before going into a third wave of 7 to 0 … … the climax, the Bulls six points behind the Rockets. A commander called out once again suspended. 8 minutes of time, the rocket has only received 3 points.

Finally, Section 3 minutes 50 seconds left, the Rockets shot a rocket assault on Hill’s back after the ball finding the empty basket cut enter the premises Trevor Ariza, timely ball came out Trevor Ariza layup, also causing a foul to complete the three-point play. But Ross layup, Hinrich and then into the third, Varick basket also be two points in the Rockets behind 10 points.


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