Raul 1-year from 18 balls to 4 balls Bernabeu ‘s applauseno longer belongs to him

In the words of Florence Thilo heavily to build the new Galacticos Lane, Raul can no longer kings of the. In the team of two former World Player of the Year in front of Raul Prince drained a quick image. Now in Madrid, he is not the game played the role of decision maker, but a passing game. A few days ago Real Madrid mouthpiece “Aspen newspaper,” Raul to be Shuaimai also be exposed to the Bundesliga, this has always supported the Lord of the Rings media changed the direction of the wind, led to his future at the Bernabeu are dim.

Round home to face Sporting Gijon, Raul 3:1 in the second half the team to achieve great reversal after Bishop to replace playing, this time from the whole match with less than 20 minutes. Whom he replaced in the van der Vaart, today launched a go-ahead score a pass for the team has made outstanding contributions, but this time he was replaced, not only let him get more rest, but also wanted him to enjoy the Bernabeu crowd’s applause. All in all, not all previously Raul are treated?

I believe that the team leader in case of 3:1 season of Raul has not received the order must be goals, he did only for the main players of the holiday only. Raul and the elderly to hand over the report card this season is also slightly shabby. A total of 24 times this season Representative Raul Real Madrid appearances, of course, most of them coming off the bench, started and finished the game playing in only three games. And in these 24 appearances, Raul handed over transcripts of only four balls 1 assists.

Today’s Raul would like to become a focal point in the game is already very difficult, because the track people are concerned about is C Luo, Kaka and Higuain that some young striker. However, there is a case of Raul is still a focus, that is the relationship between the fate of Santiago Bernabeu next season Prince issues. With regard to Lao Erxia days earlier, after Ruud van Nistelrooy will be following the news of joining Bundesliga caused no small sensation. The former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon said yes Florence Raul Castillo harm, “For Raul, Florence Thilo do not have much sympathy, what he should have won in the club belonging to Raul more time. ”

However, such a luxury face of the team before the games configuration, an old Raul has no places. He is still with his position in the Real Madrid supports his appearance record, unless the Raul you want to retire, or leave the Bernabeu the day will become increasingly closer.


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