Pui Shuai criticized this lack of means in the first half manager: dynamic after the lost goal

Although the 3-1 victory over Sporting Gijon, Real Madrid, but Pellegrini aware that there are many areas for improvement. Chilean engineers conference after the game said, “out of the Champions League after the pressure of each game is not small. Maintain the winning streak is important, but performance on the second half Panruoliangdui need a good conclusion.”

League nine game winning streak, 14 home field victory, Pellegrini of the respondents seem to have had convincing. But the Chileans the performance of the first half of Real Madrid was criticized, “We did not find a way to tear each other’s defense, the second half the other side advanced the ball, we have made fairly and timely response.”

Real Madrid attack was not reduced, this is the most gratifying Chileans. He said: “The win is the last word, we can not win every game, so many consecutive victories and consecutive games scored three goals or more, so that the team’s confidence. We will follow this the right way battle to the last moment. ”

Valdano, and Pellegrini, general manager-minded, he also believes that the first half played like Real Madrid, conceded victory after the timely response is critical. “Sporting Gijon prepared very good, they are more patient, and wait for the opportunity. We conceded before he found momentum.”

The team to keep winning streak, Valdano affirmed the role of Pellegrini. He said: “exaggerated to say the outside world, we are very satisfied with the work of Pellegrini. The team was eliminated from the Champions League out of the shadow, there is a credit to coach.”

For Florentino this summer are likely to be manager of coach, “pot-side” theory, Valdano replied, “I shall continue to remain in the President around, although we have already bid farewell to two of this season tournament, but can not be ignored the club’s team ability, we firmly believe will have the opportunity to make up for the fans, that is to get the Spanish champions. “


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