Higuain: Madam President did not say want to sell me no contradiction between me and C–Luo

3 to 1 in the Real Madrid game against Sporting Gijon, Higuain personal use of a fantastic breakthrough for the new warships scored 3 goals. This is Higuain all competitions this season, scored the first 22 goals, he and C tied for the Real Madrid squad shooter Lo Wang. Champions out in court when the C Luo do not give him a pass on the curse of Higuain, but after the C Luo and any claim to be no contradiction between the teammates. In an interview with “Aspen newspaper” interview, Higuain has also expressed a similar view.

“C Lo and I are contradictory? Heard the media in these words, I am still very calm.” Higuain said, “The most important thing is to teammates, coaches and managers to support me, I will not bother those from the team of outside the sound, they are fundamentally do not understand what happened. I and C-Romanian relations are very good, we are on the pitch is also a tacit agreement with them. “

“Who needs to sell me? The President never told me that any such thing.” Higuain said, “I am very happy at Real Madrid, contract negotiations are the things my agent. I try not to think about these things , because we are in the most critical period of the season. ”

Lyon was eliminated in the Champions League quarter-finals, after several wasted opportunities to Higuain be regarded as the chief culprit. When asked, “Why did it not come forward to refute the media” when Higuain has once again demonstrated inconsistent with the age, maturity and calm: “I never liked in the media, talking on the pitch, I always want to use goals to answers, the players on the pitch is a stage performance


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