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Lisandro two goal Xiao Gu assists ball in vain, Lyon at home 3-1 win Bordeaux

09-10 season Champions League 1 / 4 final first leg, whether in the heat Ireland Stadium, Lyon beat Bordeaux 3-1 at home. Lyon, Lisandro scored two goals, Bastos also break, Mark was away in Bordeaux Charles scored the only goal. Round 2 teams will be April 7 at home to Bordeaux.

Lisandro scored twice

Start of the race, from Lyon, the first tee. 6 minutes, Gu Fulang restricted online chest will stop a long pass to Charles Mark, check mark the formation of single-pole, but Gufu Lang was sentenced earlier handball. 10 minutes, Sissoko, after a long pass in the circle, Ziani Disembarrassing small errors in the restricted area not kicked, Bodemeier restricted the right Mass in front of his left foot Dianshe Lisandro break! Lyon Bordeaux 1-0 lead. (Click to view the score playback)

Just 4 minutes later, Gourcuff had right-sided buckle under the bottom of Chanqiang biography Tula Lang, Charles Mark Little closed online beat Chris a header Leipzig ball bounced to fly into the goal! Bordeaux to tie it at 1-1. (Click to view the score playback) This is the check mark in the Champions League this season’s first four goals. The first 19 minutes, Gourcuff in the ring before the Zhisai, Wendell did not start to get slower, single-pole missed opportunity. After 1 minute, Delgado missed outside the area relevant statistic procedures.

The first 25 minutes, Delgado then Houchangchangzhuan straight to the point, the face of attack in the restricted area of the arc foot relevant statistic procedures Casola who actually hit the Casola pop! Bordeaux immediately fired back, 26 minutes pass by winger Wendell take advantage of the situation in the restricted area on the left to play is not relevant statistic procedures, Gu Fulang body in front of the back heel of a block, Loris care flying leaps out of the ball with one hand .

After 1 minute, Gourcuff restricted area of the chest, stopping to the right side of Wendell, Wendell left foot volley hit the crossbar pop-up! 76 minutes, Sissoko restricted left corner volley hit the hands of the pop-up inside the restricted area Xia Ermei bottom line, the main referee Brich a penalty! Lisandro kick right foot Tuishe lower right corner of the goal to break! Lyon 3-1 Bordeaux!


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Rooney at the end sprained ankle accident although gains but fear of missing match in South Africa

As early as the Manchester United Rooney Shoukaijilu again, maybe everyone thought that the exhibition will again be chubby, but 90 minutes later, it was Bayern defending home glory. This is Wayne Rooney to Manchester United this season, played in 40 games, he also tied for individuals 34 goals in a European striker Lionel Messi, but they can not change the bitter end defeated Allianz. Towards the end of his race when the ankle sprain, leaving the World Cup in South Africa itself cast a shadow over the prospects.

Rooney was injured in the final stage

Rooney injured fell to the ground

crowded in behind him, fearing foul and slam the brakes of Wayne Rooney, but so Wei hurt his right ankle, the painful expression on lying site. Olic after the completion of lore in the game immediately ends, Rooney also had leading scorer in the staff leave, their suffering and depressed expression, evoking the 2004 European Cup with Portugal after World War I retire hurt scene.

After the game the first time, the British “Daily Mail” on for Wayne Rooney’s injury was tracking reports, and the title is sensational, “Wayne Rooney injured his ankle pain struggling Manchester United striker’s World Cup future in doubt.” Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson after the match news conference, also expressed concern about Rooney injury. After all, the game’s ankle injury, coupled with the British media be exposed before the “knee surgery” hearsay, really Wayne Rooney’s World Cup prospects to slightly cloudy. Four years ago, Rooney has successfully overcome the metatarsal injury in the Germany World Cup stadium in South Africa two months later, hopefully, he should not miss … …

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Rooney scored Franck Ribery tied, Olic added-on time Wonderful attack Bayern win Manchester

Bayern and Manchester United in the Champions League a total of grips 7, Bayern to 2 wins 1 loss 4 upper hand Bayern the only place a losing Champions League final in 1999, it was a case of dramatic market competition ten years. Bayern at home against Manchester United 1 wins, 2 to maintain unbeaten, throwing the ball into 4 balls 5. Manchester United Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney in this field returned from injury, basic to the strongest line-up attack, while Bayern lack of Robben, Van Gaal more conservative today, so Gomez and Klose all sitting on the bench.

Olic added-on time wonderful attack Manchester

The first 2 minutes, Nani out a free kick near the right corner, the ball rub wall and changed lines, unguarded Rooney six yards at left foot Dianshe break, Manchester United 1-0. The first 3 minutes, large long-range have been Fletcher al TOP vine he denied. The first 6 minutes, Park Ji-sung pass, he missed long-range Scholes plug. The first 11 minutes, Vidic restricted online siege direct kick to the opponent, but the Al Goto Top and Olic hit the wall with the kick did not play well.

The first 13 minutes, Muller out on the right corner, 5 yards at the last point Demichelis header from the center top side. The first 16 minutes, Zhise Scholes, Wayne Rooney 12 yards left rib cage opened at Akira right foot shot after defender Van Buyten was he denied. Fletcher then passing, Nani drove into the lane 12 yards at the bottom right corner Di She left foot he missed a little. The first 21 minutes, Franck Ribery breaking ball 22 yards at Di She left foot, the ball flew at Edwin van der Sar.

90 minutes pass in the right-sided Lahm, Bayern in the last two have not met the ball. 91 minutes, Klose pass, Gomez Youlei eight yards out after Vidic Department right-foot strike, Edwin van der Sar saved with one hand. The first 92 minutes, Gomez breakthrough blocked, Olic from behind Evra plug steals the lower right corner from 12 yards broke his left foot relevant statistic procedures, Bayern 2-1, Olic received a yellow card strip to celebrate. 93 minutes in the goal process, Gomez and Wayne Rooney have collision, Rooney was played directly Chan Fu. Bayern won the final 2-1.

Bayern (442): 22 – Butt / 21 – Ram, 5 – Van Buyten, 6 – Demichelis, 28 – Bell / 8 – Big Al Goto Top (86’18-g Lauzet), 17 – Mark van Bommel, 23 – Planic (88’44-quarter Moshenqiuke), 7 – Franck Ribery / 11 – Olic, 25 – Muller (73’33-y gomez Williams)

Manchester United (451): 1 – Edwin van der Sar / 2 – Neville, 5 – Rio Ferdinand, 15 – Nemanja Vidic, 3 – Evra / 17 – Nani (82’11-Giggs), 16 – Cary g (70’25-Valencia), 18 – Paul Scholes, 24 – Fletcher, 13 – Park Ji-Sung (70’9-Berbatov) / 10 – Wayne Rooney

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Buckley predicted Cleveland must win, loss of Trevor Ariza Lakers difficult to accomplish great business

Summon wind and rain in NBA Charles Barkley – TNT is now a well-known television commentator, he was with the same partner for the former NBA player Kenny – Smith is always in the nationally televised game appearance, and the subject of ridicule ridicule gag sky. In the last week, two network television programs, and Buckley mouth one, claiming that they think this season’s overall champion is none other than the non-Cleveland Cavaliers.

He was the reason given: “I think that Knight is this year’s Big Brother, who is not that team last year, they had Shaquille O’Neal, Antawn Jamison, they are not the same. I thought I would never will choose other than the Lakers team, but now, I have chosen. ”

Smith in the side of the echo: “The Lakers are the branches have been spoiled team, their fans too, they have been unwilling to face their own reality of it than Cleveland, also had been asking ‘how do people in our Los Angeles Lakers?? ‘they are a bit spoiled, although their strength is very strong. ”

Barkley said: “The Lakers missing something, they really miss Trevor – Trevor Ariza, although no one would admit this. I like Ron Artest, but he played the Lakers is not good. They would miss Trevor Ariza, and last year he played in the playoffs how wonderful! ”

Summon wind and rain in NBA Charles Barkley – TNT is now a well-known television commentator, he played this season, Ariza is not good, only 38.9% shooting from three-point shooting to 32.5%. However, last year, he also wears jersey Zijin in 23 playoff games played, he’s shooting 49.7% from three-point shooting is as high as 47.6% (84 voted 40 in). To provide a stable for the Lakers perimeter firepower, and the tough defense.

Barkley reason that the Lakers will be very “miss,” Trevor Ariza, probably also due to Trevor Ariza in the playoffs last season’s performance is too good, but Ron Artest with the Lakers, after all, running-time for less than a season, the performance of the ups and downs, JI After the race is off the mark. If the Lakers the Western Conference finals last season on Denver’s insurance status of a repeat, not a skilled artist Thief Trevor Ariza, the Lakers how to escape?

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Yao Ming may destroy Morey’s fame, a giant’s decision could fix rocket ‘s future

This time, Darrell – Morey of the headache.

Fagan: labor negotiations will not lead you out of contract this summer?

Yao Ming: No talk, can not be determined, we have not started to discuss this issue, so I’m not sure. First of all, we decided I needed Zouna a way, I have to talk with my agent. If you ask my broker, he will say, “I must ask Yao, we will talk about the talk.”

A question and answer, and perhaps make Morey scratching their heads.

If there is no out of the contract, Yao Ming next season’s salary close to 18 million, a rocket this summer to reach 58 million payroll, more than ironclad salary cap, still no “smoking star” of space. But with Yao Ming and Martin, together with the role of a good lineup, Morey can demonstrate “Xixingtaifa” through “sign-and” approach, to get a star player.

“First sign-change of the” fail, Yao Ming, Martin led the team also has a certain competitive edge (although difficult to achieve a champion level). Until the summer of 2011, Yao contract expires, Morey next season according to Yao Ming’s performance and decide what kind of price and extend his contract. Contract not be successful, the rocket will also be enough salary-cap space. Moreover, Mingxia new collective bargaining agreement, but also to get him too difficult to obtain a contract, even though he was back to health.

So, as long as Yao Ming out of the contract, Morey had no good days, and it seems any of the options are faced with great risks. Yao Ming did not say definitely out of contract, but an “uncertain”, enough to Morey scalp numb.

This is a pregnant, “a master of stunts, which is a Huiyanshizhu of Bole. Scola, Landry, Ron Artest, small cloth or even Bading Ge, are Morey as an NBA general manager of a masterpiece.

But now, he met the manager of his career, the biggest one threshold children. As the feet of that Road, minor cracks, changed all kinds of Yao’s scheme.

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Pau Gasol llarge double-double Kobe 31 points , Lakers 100-108 but lost to the Hornets

New Orleans Hornets (35 wins 40 losses) with a victory proved that their future is bright. While Bryant led all scorers with 31 points, Pau Gasol has made great contributions two pairs of 26 points and 22 rebounds, but the Los Angeles Lakers (54 wins and 20 losses) in the first three quarters of poor performance so that they can pay a price, Paul led the two pairs of Six Hornets players in double figures, they are home to 108-100 win over the Lakers, the Hornets a two-game losing streak.

Bryant reached the inside

After opening each other offensive and defensive teams, field score alternately increased 8 flat, 10 flat, 12 flat after the Artest layup Thornton hit three points, West has also made a layup Hornets go-ahead 1 point. Ron Artest hit three points success, Gasol dunk on the first section there are two minutes and 40 seconds Lakers to 21-17 lead four minutes. James Posey and Nick Collison each hit three points, West also Glenealy 4 points, so that a wave of attacks 10-1 Hornets to 27-22 lead after the first section of 5 points.

Paul and Nick Collison each hit three points, they led his unit to attack wave began to Section 8-0, the Hornets lead to 35-22. Ron Artest scored five points and Al Thornton and Nick Collison together to get four points, 5 minutes and 55 seconds before halftime, when the Hornets with 12 points ahead 39-27. Kobe Bryant stepped up personal attacks after a pause, and he hit two three points scored seven points, a 9-4 small height so that the Lakers to 36-43 behind seven points. Thornton answered with three minutes to stabilize the situation, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom hit a jumper, respectively, West and Songaila layup Hornets cruised to 50-42 halftime lead.

Hornets Thornton and West each scored 10 first half points and Nick Collison are eight points, Paul received 7 points and 8 assists; the Los Angeles Lakers Pau Gasol had 14 points and 10 rebounds, Artaiz Special receive 12 points, Kobe Bryant had 10 points and five assists.

Thornton made two free throws, the Pau Gasol tipped in succeeded, Paul made two free throws, Bryant break layup to-pointer with 29.6 seconds behind when the Lakers 97-102. Posey four free throws, the Fisher two-thirds are not in the shot, Thornton made two free throws one in Lamar Odom hit three points have no meaning, Hornets to 108-100 victory.

Lakers starting lineup: Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol

Hornets starting lineup: Paul, Thornton, Peterson, West, Emeka Okafor

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Real top again after comeback win over Atletico

Real Madrid climbed back above Barcelona to the top of La Liga when goals from former Liverpool pair Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa helped them to a stirring 3-2 comeback win over Atletico Madrid on Sunday.

Real top again after comeback win over Atletico

Real Madrid’s Alvaro Arbeloa (R) celebrates his goal with his teammates during their Spanish first division match against Atletico Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, March 28, 2010.

A 1-0 victory for Barca at fourth-placed Real Mallorca on Saturday put the champions three clear but Real responded to draw level on 74 points with their arch-rivals and reclaim top spot on goal difference.

Atletico, who have not won a Madrid derby in more than 10 years, led 1-0 at the break thanks to a curled effort from former Real player Jose Antonio Reyes, before Alonso, Arbeloa and Gonzalo Higuain struck to put the hosts 3-1 ahead.

Diego Forlan pulled one back from the penalty spot with just over 20 minutes left after Alonso handled at a corner but Real comfortably held on to claim the three points.

With nine matches remaining, the top two are 21 points ahead of third-placed Valencia and Real host Barca in the potentially decisive “Clasico” in two weeks.

The home fans unfurled an enormous banner shortly before kickoff at the Bernabeu showing a collection of Real ghouls standing menacingly over a young Atletico supporter cowering in bed and the slogan in giant letters: “Your worst nightmare”.

Manolo Jimenez was sacked after Tuesday’s draw with basement side Xerez and Sevilla have now failed to win in eight matches in all competitions, putting their goal of qualifying for next season’s Champions League in jeopardy.

The Andalusians, who stayed fifth on 45 points from 29 matches, two behind fourth-placed Mallorca, were toothless in attack and ragged in defence and fell behind at the Madrigal in only the fifth minute.

Nilmar raced clear on the left and Giuseppe Rossi lost his marker and swept the Brazil striker’s cross past goalkeeper Andres Palop into the net.

Nilmar chalked up another assist 13 minutes later, sending over a deep cross from the right which Joseba Llorente nodded in from a tight angle.

Sevilla, who play Atletico Madrid in May’s King’s Cup final, put up more of a fight in the second half but failed to score and substitute Robert Pires netted a third for the hosts in added time.

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